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  May 08, 2005
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Structured Finance

At Pacific Security Capital, financially engineering every level of the capital structure to provide our borrowers with the highest possible leverage at the lowest blended cost of capital is our primary focus. Working closely with our commercial real estate advisory group and our investment properties group we make sure that our clients have a capital formation strategy that the market will embrace.

The Pacific Security Capital structured finance group uniquely combines capital markets expertise with extensive hands-on commercial real estate experience. Our transactional approach to financing combines an understanding of asset, portfolio, and entity-level issues with knowledge of capitalization parameters to create the optimal capital structure, access the appropriate capital, and enhance the value of complex transactions. Our core competency in structured finance is evidenced by a strong track-record of successfully completing the following types of transactions:

Whether you are attempting to secure interim financing to reposition or stabilize a property, move-up the leverage curve by going deeper into the capital structure on a new project or to release "Trapped Equity" on an existing asset or portfolio, PSC can provide the right capital solution.

In addition to being a direct lender, Pacific Security Capital represents a comprehensive group of capital partners and investors covering the entire risk spectrum that include: other Investment Banks; Opportunity Funds; Pension Funds; Insurance Companies; Hedge Funds; REIT's; Mezzanine Funds; Domestic and Foreign Syndicators; High Net Worth Individuals; Pension Fund Advisors; Endowments; Municipal and Government Sponsored Agencies; Foundations and Merchant Banks.

For more information on Structured Finance from Pacific Security Capital please see our FAQ's, fill out our online application or contact PSC directly.