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  April 27, 2005
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Commercial Real Estate Advisory Services

The Pacific Security Capital professional services group was formed to provide advisory services to the commercial real estate industry. We serve institutional and corporate clients as well as national, regional and local developers/owners that require the best in commercial real estate expertise to maximize their Return on Investment, Assets, Equity and Operations. The process of financing, developing, constructing or managing commercial real estate is a fluid and ever-changing process that is increasing in complexity, requiring specialized knowledge and skills not generally found within most organizations.

Commercial real estate owners are confronted by such diverse factors as complex agency requirements, environmental regulations, a myriad of compliance related issues, local market considerations, changing capital markets, building design technologies, planning and construction requirements, as well as fluctuating costs and market absorption rates. Any one of these factors can significantly impact overall investment performance.

PSC combines solid business logic, leading edge financial engineering and investment modeling, and best in class real estate expertise to bring our clients products and performance unparalleled in the market. We have the depth and breadth of skill sets and core competencies that allow us to customize superior commercial real estate solutions based upon the dynamics of the overall market, the micro economics of specific markets, the commercial real estate capital markets and the unique requirements of our clients. These services include:

Advisory Services for Mezz Lenders and Equity Providers
Research and Analytics
Releasing "Trapped Equity"
Defeasance Advisory Services
Capital Formation and Acquisition Services
Capital Partner Services
Corporate Real Estate Services
Development Advisory Services

For more information on PSC's Commercial Real Estate Advisory Services please see our FAQ's, underwriting matrix, fill out our online application or contact PSC directly.

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